Career Path with Remedy: Customer Care Associate > Recruiter > Account Executive

When I started with Remedy I had no idea I would end up where I am today. One thing that makes Remedy special is the growth and progression opportunities. I have served as a Customer Care Associate, Recruiter and now an Account Executive. The people here are definitely a big part of what makes work enjoyable as well. They want to help you grow and they want what is best for you. One of the coolest parts about Remedy is the shared goal and impact you have on so many. You know that what you are doing, impacts the greater good. As cheesy as that sounds, what we do is helping, in my case the Madison area, but overall, the state of Wisconsin. Whether it’s recruiting and finding people jobs or working with companies to provide staffing solutions, it is an extremely rewarding feeling. We have the opportunity to help by providing employment which in turn, positively supports those that the candidate provides for as well. The support we provide, and the opportunities are endless!