I was working with Melinda and did not have a great experience. I used to work in staffing myself, so I know how everything works. She had me set up with a packaging position that I was interested in then last minute she switched me to a different company that had me working in a cooler (keep in mind I let her know I left my previous job due to cold weather). I figured I’d give it a try and after a week I decided the position wasn’t for me. I let both companies know instead of just not showing up which is pretty typical when working at a staffing agency. Rather than working with me to find something different, she got very angry and blew up my phone. She didn’t understand that I no longer wanted to work for that position and didn’t want to take no for an answer. She then deactivated my account with them because I did not like the position she put me at? Not very professional and wouldn’t work with this company again.