Being an Exceptional Employee

Being an exceptional employee can help you stand out at your company.

Being an exceptional employee can help you stand out at your company.

Showing up on time for every shift and doing your job correctly are the biggest priorities. But if you feel like you have a good grip on your role, you might want to consider going the extra mile to leave a positive impression on your employer.

Here are some ways you can go above and beyond to show your dedication and strong work ethic:

Be a team player

For most of us, working in teams is part of our daily routine.

The best ideas often come from group efforts, and productivity levels increase when multiple people work together to accomplish one goal.

By putting the needs of the team first, you are showing a willingness to set your own thoughts and preferences aside to do what is best for others. It becomes clear that you understand the importance of the team’s success as it relates to the overall company’s performance.

This builds trust and can foster long-term relationships with both your teammates and company leadership.

Have a willingness to learn

There is always more knowledge to be gained. Asking for additional responsibilities shows you want to keep growing in your role – and hopefully into other roles.

By accepting extra training or offering to step in where needed, you show your employer they can count on you to make sure the job gets done.

This can benefit you in the long term, too. The useful skills you gain by doing something new can transfer wherever you go – and maybe even into your personal life.

Say yes to overtime opportunities

This is especially important and helpful at a time when many employers are experiencing a worker shortage.

While keeping your health and work-life balance in mind, be open to taking on some overtime opportunities.

Your boss will be grateful for your hard work, and you can earn more money for the extra hours. Plus, showing you are willing to take on more and help when needed might open doors in the future.

Communicate Honestly and Often

Having an open dialogue with your boss is healthy for both you as an employee and for the company. Through your day-to-day role, you to see how things function, relationships that have formed and so much more.

If you have ideas or concerns, it is in everyone’s best interest for you to voice them in a mature and respective way.

Doing so says that you want to see the company succeed and can contribute to continuously improving the processes in place.

Positive Attitude

Everyone will experience some frustrating moments at work, and how we handle them can set us apart.

It could be easy to let a negative situation overtake your performance and entice you to throw up the white flag for the rest of your shift. Instead, though, try taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that you have the choice to make the rest of the day better.

People remember smiles and positivity – including your boss and coworkers. If you are the go-to for a happy face, you could become the go-to for other things too.

Did you know?

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