Making the Hard Parts of the Job Search and Hiring Process Easier

It’s no secret that there are hard parts of the job search and hiring process. While it’s exciting to think about landing your next opportunity, some of the necessary steps it might take to get there can be scary.

Here at Remedy, we are the experts at navigating through the tough stuff. Below, you will find tips to help you through some of the most common things that people fear on the path to their next job.

Giving a Resignation Notice

There are a variety of reasons that would cause someone to leave their current job.

Whatever your situation may be, if you are the one making the decision to leave, you should be providing a notice. A typical rule of thumb is that a two-week notice is considerate. However, if you know before then, it can be appropriate to let your employer know farther out. Conversely, if you need to end your employment within two weeks, let them know as soon as possible.

Most often, notices are written. They should state that you are ending your employment and the last day you will be working. You may also choose to include an explanation or note of appreciation, but they are not required.

Although you cannot be certain how it will be received, be confident in your decision and trust you are doing what is best for you.

Even though Remedy is unable to help you give your notice, we will be ready to find your next opportunity so you can get working again right away. Depending on the job requirements, we could have you starting an assignment as soon as the very next day after coming into our office.

Providing References

A company may require references if they would like to vet your reputation and experience as a worker. Oftentimes, a list of two to three contacts is requested. These should be people who know your professional side well, such as previous coworkers, bosses, mentors or teachers. Avoid selecting relatives or close friends who don’t know you professionally.

As a courtesy, you should ask your references ahead of time if they would be comfortable with you listing them, as well as the specific contact information they would prefer you to provide to the company.

When selecting your list, choose people who you can trust to put in a good word about your character and work ethic. It can feel intimidating to have to ask for this favor, but anyone who believes in you and wants to see you succeed will feel honored – not burdened – to help.

For each reference, you should list their name, title, relationship to you, phone number and email address.

At Remedy, we have an optional section in our application for you to enter any references you may already have. Many of the positions we hire for do not require references. However, for the ones that do, we can help you decide who to ask and how to format your list properly.

Preparing for an Interview

Feeling like you’re in the hot seat is always daunting. Although you will never know for sure what you may be asked in an interview, there are some things you can do to help you feel less nervous and more prepared.

Spend time thinking about your answers to some commonly asked interview questions. Practice summarizing a brief bio of yourself succinctly and completely. Make it interesting and include some points that show why you are unique. Think about a problem you’ve encountered while at work. How did you handle it? What did it teach you? Here is a list of more common interview questions that you can review.

Additionally, research the company and industry within which you are interviewing. Knowing information about both tells the employer you are invested and knowledgeable. Don’t be surprised if a question or two is meant to test what you know.

On the day of the interview, choose an outfit that you feel good in (and make it professional, of course!). Arrive early so you have time to relax and not feel rushed. Remember that you are an expert on you.  If a question catches you off guard, take a moment to pause and gather your thoughts before answering. If you answer honestly and confidently, then you are doing your best.

When interviewing with our recruiters at Remedy, we want you to put your best foot forward. However, you can let out your breath because our interviews are much more like a conversation. We are here for you and want to find a position in which you will do well. If you need to interview with a client before being hired, we will provide you with all the necessary information to help you feel prepared.

Adjusting to New Processes and Responsibilities

Receiving an offer and ending your job search is such a relief that it can be easy to forget just how much work it is starting a new position.

Humans are creatures of habit, and we prefer the things that feel familiar. Although exciting, starting a new role at a new company is anything but. We must learn new ways of doing things and may take on responsibilities we have never done before.

Thankfully, most companies offer a training period that allows you to learn about the company and your job. They may pair you with a mentor who can be a great resource during your first few months. Your new employer knows you aren’t an expert and expects you will ask questions when you don’t understand. Be open to learning, share honest feedback about how you are doing and before you know it, everything new will become second nature.

Remedy takes our employees step by step as they begin their new assignments. We tell you about orientations you need to attend – some right within our office – and your start details, such as shift times, where to go and who to report to. We also check in frequently throughout the course of your first few months to make sure everything is going well. If we can advocate to the client about anything on your behalf, we are ready to do so.

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity, connect with your local Remedy team today. We are here to walk with you through some of the job-search scaries and help you find your perfect career fit.

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