National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. Remedy is committed to encouraging workplace safety for our clients and associates.

How you can make your workplace safer

June is National Safety Month. However, maintaining a safe workplace is a year-round job. Thus, it’s something we have to work hard to achieve every day of every month. Here are 12 steps to promote safety on the job all month long:

  1. Learn about all the potential hazards in your work area.
  2. Make sure you understand safety rules and follow them.
  3. Ask questions about anything safety-related that you don’t understand.
  4. Keep your mind on your work, and pay attention to everything you do.
  5. Wear required personal protective equipment.
  6. Report safety hazards you spot anywhere in the facility.
  7. Watch out for your co-workers, and help keep them safe, too.
  8. Think before you act; when in doubt, find out!
  9. Report incidents, near misses, and other safety-related information so your company can take corrective action.
  10. Participate in training, meetings, committees, and other safety-related activities.
  11. Cooperate in incident investigations so that your employer can find causes and prevent further incidents.
  12. Remember that safety is never “somebody else’s job.”

National Forklift Safety Day: A day to celebrate and educate

Did you know?

  • Over 855,000 forklifts are being operated in the U.S.
  • An accident will involve 11% of those forklifts.
  • Over 96,000 accidents occur each year. (This includes non-serious, serious, and fatal accidents.)
  • 42% of fatal forklift accidents involve the operator being crushed in a vehicle tip over.
  • 70% of forklift accidents could be avoided with proper training and policies!

National Forklift Safety Day is important, as shown through the above statistics. This year, we will be celebrate it on June 8th. This day provides the chance to create more awareness of how to safely operate forklifts, as well as the importance of operator training. If you want to learn more, then we encourage you to visit the Forklift E-Tool on the OSHA website.

Safety Standard of Excellence

Remedy Intelligent Staffing recently renewed the Safety Standard of Excellence mark. The American Staffing Association, as well as the National Safety Council, designed the program to encourage staffing firms to adopt workplace safety best practices and standards. Another of its goals is to foster and measure continuous safety improvement across all industry sectors.

Thus, by participating in the Safety Standard of Excellence program, staffing companies, their employees, and clients can build knowledge to identify and lessen, or even eliminate, workplace hazards and exposures.

Renewal of the Safety Standard of Excellence mark involves the successful completion of an assessment process. The NSC conducts this to ensure the staffing company is continually enhancing its safety program, as well as utilizing industry best practices.

At Remedy, safety is a priority. Connect with our team to learn more.