Developing your Personal Brand

A personal brand is how you package and portray yourself to the world.

A personal brand is how you package and portray yourself to the world. Typically, it’s a careful combination of your skills, interests, experiences, and personality. In other words, all the things that make up who you are.

The job market can be competitive. Having a well-defined personal brand could be what sets you apart from the sea of other applicants.

So, how do you develop one? Here are some steps you can take to start crafting your personal brand:

Ask for opinions from others.

Sometimes we are blind to the best things about ourselves. Thus, the people in our lives can provide valuable insight into our personality, talents, and potential purpose.

When developing your personal brand, it can be helpful to gather the opinions of people who know you best. They might give you an idea of what is important to highlight or offer honest feedback on the items you already put together.

Be sure to ask people you trust. They will be the most likely to want to see you succeed and won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

Remember your childhood.

The older we get, the more aware we become of the outside world and its influences. Thus, our true passions can be seen in their purest forms during our childhood.

Think back on your youth. What activities or subjects did you gravitate toward? Did you excel at anything in particular?

The answers to these questions could point toward the areas where you should focus your energy when developing your personal brand.

Set your goals.

Your purpose is what drives you. Deciding how you want to make an impact gives you big goals you can aim for.

Sit down and make a list of all you want to accomplish. This will help you to define the skills and steps you should include.

Defining your goals can also help you determine to what audience(s) you should present your personal brand. You don’t want to waste time on people or on an industry that doesn’t align with who you are.

Find a role model.

Chances are good that there are people out there succeeding in the industry in which you are interested. This could be someone you know personally, or it could be someone you follow on social media.

Regardless, reflect on why they are an attractive role model to you. Try to decipher what makes them successful. Take those traits, make them your own, and implement them in your life.

Not only will this person be someone you can aspire to, but they could give you practical advice for how to achieve your own dreams.

Develop an elevator pitch.

You should be able to sum up your personal brand within the time it takes to ride an elevator. If you can sell yourself in 30 seconds, you can bet you are on the right track.

Keeping it brief helps to ensure that no one will be too busy to listen. Plus, it forces you to choose what the most important aspects are.

Take this opportunity to set yourself apart. Let your creativity and personality shine through your words to showcase what makes you unique.

It’s okay to make changes.

It’s inevitable that you will grow and change over time. This means your brand should, too.

Think of it like shoes. When you find a pair you really like, you buy them. As you wear them, they break in and become more comfortable. Eventually, they wear out and you either need to repair or replace them. This allows you to enjoy even more use out of them or to find an improved pair that fits even better.

Good things and success take time, care, and patience. Don’t stress yourself out over having things perfect before you put your brand into the world. Instead, find the joy in adjusting as you go. Know that it’s okay to make tweaks along the way.