Safety is in Your Hands

Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Do your share for a safer workplace.

When you think about workplace safety responsibilities, you probably think about all the regulations and all the requirements OSHA puts on management to identify hazards and protect you and your co-workers. It’s true that management does have a big share in the responsibility for workplace safety, but OSHA also gives you a share of responsibility for safety on the job.

In return for the right to a safe workplace, OSHA assigns certain specific responsibilities to you and your co-workers, including the responsibility to:

  • Obey OSHA standards.
  • Follow workplace safety and health rules.
  • Use assigned personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Participate in required safety training.
  • Report hazardous conditions to management so they can take swift corrective action.
  • Report job-related accidents, injuries, and illness to your supervisor and get medical attention.

In addition to these OSHA-assigned responsibilities, we ask you to also:

  • Take responsibility for learning everything you need to know about your job and work area so that you can always work safely.
  • Avoid taking risks and engaging in any unsafe acts.
  • Talk to your supervisor any time you have a question about your safety.
  • Cooperate in our safety inspection and hazard analysis programs.
  • Participate in safety committees and other initiatives.
  • Look for ways to make your job and the workplace safer and make suggestions about how to do that.

If we all do our share and take responsibility for our safety and the safety of all our co-workers, we can’t fail in our mission to prevent accidents, injuries, and work-related illness. Sure, it’s a big job, and we have to remain vigilant and strive every day to hunt down and eliminate hazards. But together we can do it! Won’t you pitch in and join with your co-workers? We need you to succeed.

Focus! Your safety depends on it.

All great athletes have it. So do most successful people in every walk of life. What is it? It is focus. Safe workers have it, too. And that makes them not only safe but also good at their jobs. Safe workers can get down to work and concentrate their full attention on the job. They’re not sidetracked by distractions. They don’t fool around and waste time. They just get in there and work. And they pay attention every single second to make sure they don’t make mistakes or run into hazards that could cause them to have an accident.