Skill Development Resources

Skill development is an important part of any career.

Skill development is an important part of any career.

It can be easy to get comfortable, but to continue taking steps in your professional life, you need to keep learning and growing.

Here are some resources to help you level up:

Noncredit Continuing Education

If you want to brush up on skills in your career area, most community colleges offer continuing education courses in many different industries.

Typically, these are shorter classes that provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge in your field. This is especially useful if your job changes often with technology, safety, practices, etc.

Since these noncredit courses aren’t part of a program, you can take as many or as few as you want. Also, they are usually held in the evening. This means that if you work first shift, you don’t need to miss work to attend.

LinkedIn Learning

Anyone in the business, technology and creative fields can benefit from the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Their vast library of courses offers endless opportunities to learn new or build on existing skills. There are beginner and advanced level courses on almost every topic. You simply input your areas of interest and LinkedIn will suggest classes that you might want to take.

In addition to boutique shopping for courses, the platform also offers course packages. These predetermined line ups will train you for a specific role or teach you the ins and outs of a specific program.

Webinars for skill development

A nice thing about living in a digital age is that we have almost unlimited access to tools and resources from across the globe.

It’s likely that there are several webinars happening every day that would pertain to your career interests. You can find a variety of websites that are designed to host these online trainings. In addition, your local business chamber and companies in your industry may offer some throughout the year.

To get started, try searching the web for skill development webinars related to your field. You can also look at event calendars on the websites of local organizations and businesses.

Ask for more training at work

Many companies want to keep good workers. One way they do so is by offering advancement opportunities for their current employees.

If you like the company you already work for and feel you have a good grip on your current job, then it doesn’t hurt to ask for more responsibility.

See if you can shadow someone with a different role. Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor if you could learn and try out a new position. If it goes well, not only will you benefit, but so will your employer.

Remedy can help with skill development

Thanks to a partnership with Penn Foster, Remedy employees have access to free online education through our Better WorkLife program.

You can choose from life skills courses, a high school diploma program or career skills courses. The only requirement for eligibility, is to have worked on assignment with us for at least 80 hours.

If you would like to learn more about this program or how to get started in a new career with Remedy, contact the office nearest you today!