The Right Fit: Recruiting Tips

Finding the right fit can be easier when you follow these tips.

Finding the right fit for your open positions can be a challenge. Here are some things you can do to make your decision easier:

Be clear and open about your company.

The first step is to be clear on your values, mission and culture. These should be well-thought out yet able to be explained in an elevator pitch. Additionally, these should be unique to your company to set you apart you from others.

Make these statements public knowledge. They should be prominently displayed on your website and social media channels. You can also choose to include links to learn more about them in email signatures and on job posts.

In outlining the pillars of your company, you are on your way to defining the kind of employees you want to work for you. By making them public, there are no surprises to anyone who chooses to apply with you. Plus, it could help to attract the right people to you – no extra work required.

Advertise job openings simply and completely.

You don’t want to leave people guessing when they are reading your job posts. To best determine if a position will be the right fit, applicants need as much information as you can provide. However, be careful of the following when crafting your job post.

Make sure that you state details as simply as possible. Refrain from using internal jargon or flowery language. Instead, use common words that are descriptive but to the point.

As a rule of thumb, put the most focus on the duties and requirements. These are the pieces of information that people should rely on to decide if they want and are able to do the job. If they decide the duties don’t sound that interesting or they don’t meet a certain qualification, you can deter some of the applicants who probably won’t be the best fits.

Establish a list of qualities that the right fit would have.

Typically, these should follow the values, mission and company culture you have outlined. When you identify the qualities that your ideal employee would possess, you will have a better idea of what you are looking for.

The process of filling an open position can take a while. However, you can save time by using this list of qualities to wade through the sea of applications that come your way. Look for resumes that include some of the things on your list. Discard ones that don’t at all line up with your list. When candidates come to interview, you can do the same with their behaviors and answers to questions.

Ultimately, you should be left with a few finalists. You can make your choice between them by determining who best aligns with your ideal employee.

Prioritize the qualifications that the right fit should have.

While it’s okay to be picky, no one is perfect. It’s likely that no applicant will check every box. Thus, you will need to decide which qualities are most important and be willing to compromise on the rest.

For example, someone may not yet have all the skills to do the job, but they have a personality that would perfectly complement your company culture. If you are most interested in someone who fits in, then you might be willing to offer more on-the-job training to this employee.

Having a list of priorities will help you to know what exceptions you are willing to make, as well as what resources you can offer to fill in any gaps.

Ask candidates about your company and industry.

It’s often suggested that one should be knowledgeable about a company and its industry prior to interviewing. So, don’t be afraid to ask candidates about it!

Someone that truly wants the job and whose passions align with your company’s would do the work and research more about you and what you do. You can also bet that a good candidate would generate thoughts on the processes you currently have in place, as well as ideas to help your company grow.

Hearing their answers and opinions will shed light on how well they might fit in and how much insight they could provide.

Whatever means you choose to use to find the right fit, stick to them. The minute you decide to stray to make an easier hiring decision is the minute you lose sight and authority over your company’s purpose and reputation – things you worked hard to build. It’s worth the extra effort to make sure your company stays on the right path for years to come.

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