Employer Attractiveness Recap

Improve your employer attractiveness by focusing on areas of your company that will best attract job-seekers.

Here we are at the start of a new year, in a world that is still navigating the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic. There is no better time to reevaluate your employer attractiveness. How likely are you to grab the attention of job-seekers and become the professional home for the best workers on the market?

Over the course of this week, we’ve covered several areas that should serve as focal points for you to increase your employer attractiveness and stand out from your competitors. To sum up this series, let’s recap the main takeaways of each:


The wages you are paying your employees need to stand out from your competitors. This will not only tell your current employees that you value them, but it will help you increase your candidate pool.


Give people a reason to invest in your company. If they feel confident that you will be there for them, then their decision to choose, and stay with, you – through the good and bad – will be that much easier.


Give your company an edge by providing your employees with perks that are more unique than the standard benefits package. This tells them that you understand what is important to them, as well as that you value their well-being and potential.


Cultivating a company culture based on honesty, solid communication, and trust benefits more than just your current employees. Give them a reason to tell the outside world that their employer is awesome, and expect a flood of hopeful applicants to come your way.


If you haven’t already, it pays to protect your workers from COVID-19 by putting extra safety measures in place. Be sure to share these practices in places where job-seekers are likely to see them. By being open about your rules, you are saying that you care about the health of your employees. In turn, you will be more likely to attract new workers than counterparts who aren’t sharing their new measures.


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