Employee Safety

Companies are now required to add an extra layer of employee safety measures due to COVID-19.

These new safety measures related to the pandemic also are top-of-mind for people who are looking to start working again.

Information is always changing, so it can be hard to know what policies are needed. Alas, no matter what your specific rules are, there are several things you can say to job-seekers to show that you have their health in mind:

  • In your job postings, include a general overview of the steps you are taking.
  • Provide more in-depth information during interviews. Make it clear that you are open to questions and concerns about your rules.
  • Share your guidelines with the outside world on social media and your website.
  • Add a section to your training or new-hire paperwork that covers your commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.

How should your business be responding to the pandemic?

Companies are implementing extra measures to put employee safety first amid the COVID-19 pandemic.Businesses have a variety of needs and resources based on space, number of workers, industry, etc. However, there are some common trends in the ways America’s largest employers are responding. This includes both what they are doing for their employees and how they are helping their communities.

75 percent of people who answered a recent poll said that they believe companies should put health and safety first. This result lines up with the top priorities of most companies. What’s even more important, is that 69 percent said they would rather have financial strain than risk their health by returning to work.

Takeaway: Employee Safety

If you haven’t already, it pays to protect your workers from COVID-19 by putting extra safety measures in place. Be sure to share these practices in places where job-seekers are likely to see them. By being open about your rules, you are saying that you care about the health of your employees. In turn, you will be more likely to attract new workers than counterparts who aren’t sharing their new measures.


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