Company Culture

Company culture goes beyond the walls of your building. Because people talk, the outside world hears about your reputation.

Here are some simple ideas that a company can adopt to make sure information being shared is positive:

  • Communicate well with your current employees. You can do this by simplifying messages, giving examples or background information as needed, and encouraging people to ask questions.
  • Listen to employee concerns and ideas. This shows that there is a safe space for open conversations and that you value their honest opinions.
  • Provide feedback – in a professional and respectful way – about company procedures and policies.
  • Be consistent in your workplace practices. This creates a sense of stability and limits the chance that there will be special treatment.

When current employees enjoy your company culture, they are more likely to say positive things about working for you. Two places these remarks often pop up are in reviews and referrals. Both tools are useful to job-seekers in their decision of whether to apply with you or not.

What is the link between culture and referrals?

Company culture can influence the way your employees talk about your business to their friends and referrals.To be sure we are all on the same page, a referral is when an internal employee proposes the hiring of someone they know.

When a current employee tells their friend, “Hey, my company is hiring, and I think you would be a good fit,” it could be likely that the friend would want to learn more about the company. Cue the culture talk.

The employee is one of the best resources to give a true perspective on the company, so you want them to be able to talk highly of your business. If their words are positive, the chance that their referred candidate will agree to apply with you increases.

The best part? Research has shown that these referred candidates tend to be more likely to accept the job, stay working for the company longer and have better overall performance.

Takeaway: Company Culture

Cultivating a company culture based on honesty, solid communication, and trust benefits more than just your current employees. Give them a reason to tell the outside world that their employer is awesome, and expect a flood of hopeful applicants to come your way.


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