Job Security

Job security has long been an issue of importance among employees. With each generation of workers, the desire to feel secure in their jobs has won out over other employee perks. Many current job-seekers are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, job security may be even higher on the checklist.

When times are still uncertain, it can be expected that they won’t easily jump into a position without some assurance that it can be long-term.

So, how do you ensure your employees feel secure in their positions?

Job security is all about building relationships with your employees.

The answer is fairly simple: build relationships.

This could happen in a variety of ways, including:

  • Creating open lines of communication. Offer opportunities for feedback and actually take ideas into consideration.
  • Celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries. Make employees feel special.
  • Getting to know the hobbies and interests your employees have outside of work. Show that you care about them as people.
  • Being honest about the goals your company has and how your employees fit into them. Transparency goes a long way.
  • Giving your employees opportunities to lead and show what they are capable of.

Show that you value them and what they bring to your company, then trust will be built and performance will increase. They will also be more likely to speak highly to others about your company. When job-seekers see and hear that you do these things, they will feel confident in making your company their home.

Takeaway: Job Security

Give people a reason to invest in your company. If they feel confident that you will be there for them, then their decision to choose, and stay with, you – through the good and bad – will be that much easier.


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