Are you an Attractive Employer?

Many companies are starting to bounce back from the initial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. With that comes a demand for quality employees to fill open positions. Even with record high unemployment, there is a limited number of good, committed workers available. Being an attractive employer is important, now more than ever, because you want to make sure the best candidates choose to work for you.

So, how do you become an attractive employer?



An attractive employer knows their markets.








Firstly, you need to understand your market. This includes who you are competing against and for.

A market is defined as “an area or arena in which commercial dealings are conducted.”


There are two types of markets that matter most for an attractive employer looking to hire.

The first is location.

  • Which competitors are geographically near you? They may do different things but have similar staffing needs.
  • What kind of workers want to work near you, and why?


The other type is industry.

  • What other companies do what you do? This is especially important if they also fall in your location market.
  • What kind of workers want to stay within your line of work, and why?


Answering all of these questions helps you to determine:

  1. The competitors from which you need to differentiate yourself
  2. How to market to job-seekers



An attractive employer knows how to refine their markets.







You can further adopt practices that increase your attractiveness to job-seekers. Some of these practices include pay, benefits, company culture, etc.

These qualities apply to both location and industry and can become more specific within each kind of market.

For example, pay is important for both location and industry. Your pay structure, however, may need to change based on whether you are competing with companies in your location or in your industry.

Check in each day this week as we explore different factors that make up an attractive employer.