Machine Safety Checklist

Be on guard around hazardous machines.

  • Before turning on a machine, make sure all guards are in place.


  • Never operate a machine that is not equipped with adequate point-of-operation guards or safety devices.


  • Know how to turn power on and off quickly.


  • Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to operate the machine.


  • Pay attention to safety training and learn to use machines safely.


  • Feed material into machines with push sticks, not your hands.


  • Don’t wear gloves—they can interfere with precise grip or get caught at pinch points and the point of operation.


  • Find a comfortable working position to minimize fatigue.


  • Take it easy–rushing a job is one of the major causes of accidents.


  • Pay attention while you work—remember that machines are powerful and can hurt you if you’re not alert.


  • Inspect machines before each use and report problems. Don’t use the equipment until your supervisor and/or the safety supervisor approves it.


  • Never reach around or under a guard.


  • Make sure maintenance is performed when required.


  • If authorized to maintain or repair machines, always use lockout/tagout procedures to prevent unexpected start-ups.


Remember: Once you lose a finger or a hand, it’s gone for good